Blacksystems integrates with your security.

Continuous Breach Emulation

Ready with practical and tailored testing scenarios. Blacksystems offers a year-long Continuous Security Assessment service, designed to provide top-notch expertise and value in the security field.

External Threat Assessment

Don’t take chances with security breaches. Invest in defense measures like appliances, software, and managed services, but validate their effectiveness to safeguard your assets and data from potential threats.

Assumed Breach Simulation

Assessing an external adversary’s capabilities and response time during a security breach is vital. Evaluate your internal teams, MSPs, and EDR/MDRs to ensure a rapid and effective response while considering potential insider threats and their access.

Security Operation Center

Evaluating the effectiveness of Security Operation Center as a Service is critical when facing security breaches. Assess response speed and capabilities, whether through internal teams or external providers, to ensure comprehensive threat detection and response.v

Penetration Testing

It’s essential to distinguish vulnerability assessments from penetration tests. Misrepresentation of the latter in the market can lead to a false sense of security. Our aim is to bring clarity and highlight the true value of authentic penetration tests for organizations.

General Cybersecurity

Our teams of network engineers, enterprise architects, cloud specialists, compliance auditors, watch analysts, system administrators, and security engineers support missions around the globe. All of our services are complementary to one another and serve a role in fortifying our customers’ networks, systems, and applications.