Proven in combat and prepared

As threats become more advanced, the frequency and intricacy of attacks are on the rise. Are you mainly depending on automated solutions and periodic vulnerability scans to gauge your security posture? Automated tools have their limits and can’t simulate the inventiveness of a focused, malicious attack. The true test of your organization’s breach resilience is a comprehensive evaluation by a team of expert ethical hackers. Turn to Blacksystems™, Engineered for Infiltration, to put your defenses to the ultimate test

Continuous Breach Emulation

Real-world and customized attacks at the ready. Blacksystems’s Continuous Breach Emulation (CBE) is a year-long service designed to bring the best expertise and value the security space has to offer.

External Threat Assessment

Avoid the risk of breaches by investing in strong defenses, but validate their effectiveness. Ensure your security investments protect your assets and data as expected. Don’t leave it to chance

Assumed Breach Simulation

When your security is breached, knowing your adversary’s capabilities is vital. Assess your internal teams’ response, test MSPs or EDR/MDRs, and ensure internal teams are trustworthy

Guardians of Cybersecurity: The Role and Mission of the Security Operations Center (SOC)

The Security Operations Center (SOC) operates continuously to oversee, prevent, identify, probe, and counteract cyber threats. SOC teams safeguard organizational assets, including intellectual property, personal information, business systems, and brand reputation. They execute the organization’s cybersecurity strategy and serve as a hub for coordinated efforts in monitoring, evaluating, and countering cyberattacks

Percentage of breaches due to human error


Average days for security teams to identify and contain a breach


Percentage of malware delivered via email to inbox


Percentage of security teams impacted by talent shortage


Percentage of organizations that only test their defense quarterly


Percentage of respondents endured between 1 and 5 successful cyber attacks